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Lloydshare Limited Incorporated

The Premier Provider of Vacation Ownership linked Loyalty Repayment Plans
Crafted by industry specialists and financial experts, our Loyalty Repayment Plan directly supports Vacation Ownership, providing a great value, risk-free reward plan, and a guaranteed pay-out, subject to Terms and Conditions!

The Lloydshare Advantage

Vacation Ownership Members

Pioneered in 2002 by Lloydshare Limited, the Vacation Ownership Linked Loyalty Repayment Plan was developed in consultation with Resort Managers and Club Members.

 Not only do Vacation Ownership members get to enjoy the benefits and services of their membership, but they can also feel confident that, providing they adhere to our very simple terms and conditions, a lump sum payment, equivalent to their membership purchase price, is guaranteed on maturity of their plan!

Premier Vacation Property Owners

Due to an increase in demand, Lloydshare has expanded its Loyalty Repayment Plan concept within the real estate market. This means that existing owners of full-time Vacation Homes may be able to reclaim their purchase cost much like Vacation Ownership members. Of course, as with any exclusive offer, this opportunity is not available for all properties.

Fractional Cruise Ships Members

In keeping up with developments in the Vacation Ownership industry, Lloydshare Limited now offers its Loyalty Repayment Plans product to Fractional Cruise Ship owners of various cruise lines. This unique opportunity allows clients to enjoy the benefits of embarking on a cruise ship vacation for years to come and still have the peace of mind that they will receive their money back when their policy reaches maturity.

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Vacation ownership & Peace of Mind. Simply your only choice in Vacation Ownership Protection.



A onetime premium for as little as 5.75% of your Vacation Investment.



Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plans can be passed on to beneficiaries, subject to Terms and Conditions.



Lloydshare only works in partnership with the finest resorts that have a consistently high-quality customer satisfaction rating which enables customers to qualify for this unique offer.