Working in Partnership with Resorts and Clubs

Exclusive and high-quality Vacation Clubs are currently leading the field in preferred destinations worldwide. Vacationers make the choice of a lifetime and select a place to return to regularly, or share with family and friends.

They make a long term vacation investment, and, as owners, they will often watch their top-class home resort vastly improve as developments raise their property’s standards each year.

A successful Vacation Club provides a “win-win” situation for everyone. Not only can the Club continually improve its facilities, but it provides a reliable return of vacationers to a resort and directly supports the local economy and levels of employment. No longer are vacation properties solely for celebrities and millionaires, Vacation Clubs are nowadays enabling more and more people to enjoy top class facilities at stunning locations.


Despite the high value, industry records confirm that a proportion of members do not keep up their memberships for the full term. Resort owners have been puzzled for many years to find ways to encourage each and every member to stay on board and enjoy all the advantages of Vacation Ownership, despite changes to individual circumstances. The Lloydshare loyalty repayment plan has provided a very simple solution to this problem that specifically encourages members to commit and continue taking those much-needed vacations each year.

In such a competitive industry, resorts work hard to maintain the highest standards of continually monitoring the upkeep of their facilities, the conduct of their members, and the quality of services offered by any partnering agencies on premises. Lloydshare supports this aim to withhold a high standard of service and will continue to correspond with associated resorts throughout the loyalty repayment plan term.


Lloydshare’s loyalty repayment plan matures alongside the vacation membership’s time and directly supports the resort’s objective to fulfill its obligation to its members for the full duration. Accordingly, it is a requirement of our plan that our members maintain their associated Vacation Membership in good standing throughout its lifetime and that they adhere at all times to their Vacation Club’s terms and conditions.

Staff and management at Lloydshare Limited continually strive to ensure that our standards of service are in keeping with the good name and reputation of any resort with which we are associated. Equally, Lloydshare will not solicit loyalty repayment plans through any disreputable organization or seek connections with any Vacation Club that fails to meet and consistently maintain the required industry standards.


While it is permissible in many circumstances for Lloydshare’s marketing material and application forms to be provided to members of the resort’s staff and sales teams, this is purely to introduce the attractive option for purchasers to reclaim the original cost of their membership. It should be understood that a Lloydshare loyalty repayment plan is usually unavailable for sale directly from any Vacation Club or resort.

Lloydshare Limited Incorporated is a wholly separate and independent company, with legal brokerage entitlements. Any contract of sale on a Lloydshare loyalty repayment plan is an agreement solely between Lloydshare Limited Incorporated and the annuitant’s named on the certificate.

Any Vacation Club or Resort owning the Vacation Membership property in which the loyalty repayment plan is linked has no access to or control of the investment funds. Such a club or resort has no part in the financial management aspect of the loyalty repayment plan, and, therefore, has no liability or responsibility connected with the loyalty repayment plan.