Helpful Hints & FAQs

I’m new to Lloydshare. What’s the enrolment process?

When Lloydshare Customer Services Team is notified of a new client, we are always provided with your registered home address and your email address. The first thing that happens is that you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm details of the other personal data we’ll be keeping on you, such as your contact phone number. Lloydshare takes the security of your data protection very seriously, and it is important to ensure the data we hold is accurate right from the start. You should respond confirming the data details as soon as you can, in order to ensure you are successfully enrolled without delay. This is your opportunity to change the email address we have been given if you want to use another email address as your primary means of contact with Lloydshare. Normally there is one email address used, even if there is more than one Plan Holder. A change of email can be arranged at this stage without your having to go through the strict security process that is applied if you change it after being enrolled. Once you have replied to the data check email, you should receive a Welcome Pack by mail within one calendar month. Your Certificate will be included.

Paying clients only

If we don’t hear back to our data check email within one month, we will proceed to send your Certificate to your registered home address, so that you have it and it can be studied, in good time. Therefore if you have not received a Plan Certificate within 2 months of becoming a Lloydshare Client, you should report this to the Lloydshare Customer Services Team without delay.

How exactly do I register a claim for the money?

The Claims Process is shown on the reverse of your personal Certificate. Once the maturity date has passed, simply mail us at our US Forwarding Address, saying that you wish to register your claim, enclosing copy ID for all Plan-holders, and enclosing the original Certificate. All Plan-holders should sign the letter to make the claim.

The Claim must be registered within the timeframe stated on your Certificate.

What does Lloydshare mean by maintaining my Vacation Ownership in ‘Good Standing’?

Lloydshare appreciates that the term ‘Good Standing’ may be considered a rather loose definition, and so is pleased to provide further clarification on precisely what we are expecting to see as regards how clients deserving of a loyalty reward maintain their Club Memberships.

While the concept of ‘loyalty’ might possibly suggest that some kind of limitation is being imposed on a client’s take-up of additional memberships at other Vacation Clubs, please be assured that Lloydshare makes no such restriction! However, we do expect that clients benefiting from our loyalty reward product will have participated to a reasonable extent with their linked membership over the duration of their Lloydshare Plan. From Lloydshare’s perspective, clients who do not engage in any way with their host resort for substantial periods cannot be regarded as being in Good Standing.

To be in ‘Good Standing’ at your Vacation Club means that your ownership has consistently brought clear value to your host resort in the following ways.

  • It is expected that you will engage regularly and make active use of your membership, returning at least once in any three year period falling within the period of your Lloydshare Plan, or engaging alternatively by utilizing an exchange program during any three year period, or perhaps by arranging for friends or relatives to utilize your own benefits, thereby providing some attendance at your host resort.
  • It is expected that you will attend promptly to any fees and charges without allowing them to become overdue, and obliging the resort to chase-up your payments.
  • It is expected that you will adhere to all the resort’s rules and regulations, which exist primarily to enable a great experience for fellow members, and further provide for good and cordial relations on all sides.
  • In the unfortunate event of your having cause to make a complaint against your resort, we hope that you will follow due procedure, working with the resort to seek a resolution, rather than publicizing accounts on social media before any related discussions have been completed.

This list is not exhaustive, and each membership record stands on its own merits. However we trust this interpretation of Good Standing is deemed both fair and reasonable, given the nature of our product, and that our clients will find it helpful when planning their vacations.

Lloydshare offers a loyalty reward, and wants to reward loyal Vacation Owners!

What if I forget to claim on my Lloydshare Plan in good time?

Your claim must be registered within the claim period specified on your personal Certificate – this will be a set, but substantial, period following the Maturity Date. Instructions for how to register your claim are written on the reverse of your Certificate. Claims will not be accepted after that period, as the Claims Process falls within a deadline. The reason for this is that a significant passage of time after a Plan has matured is likely to jeopardise our ability to conduct any necessary Validation Checks with due thoroughness, also the passage of time may make it increasingly challenging for clients to source any necessary documents needed. Most Lloydshare Plans run alongside the complete period of the associated Vacation Ownership, and at the claim stage, many clients may no longer be members at the partner resort. The viability of our continually paying valid claims relies on our streamlined working practices, strict adherence to policy, and a degree of cooperative input from our clients. In return, Lloydshare is providing very generous returns to every successful claimant and needs to plan for upcoming pay-outs, year by year. Backdated claims cannot be entertained, and once the claim period elapses, your Certificate will have no value. We therefore recommend that our clients should focus on the Claims Process in detail as the Maturity Date approaches.

How do I change my registered email address with Lloydshare?

If your email address registered with Lloydshare needs to be changed for any reason, you may attempt to email us from an unregistered address. We are unable to communicate with you by email until a new email address is correctly registered. To do this, please mail us a letter to confirm the new email address and include for security certified proof of identity and address.  We will email an acknowledgment to your new email address to confirm we have updated our records.

You should always explain why these changes are being made. There may be other security measures to satisfy. Once the change is registered, we will only deal with that email address for you. Clients cannot have multiple individual email addresses registered, but more than one client can have the same email address registered with us.

If there is more than one plan-holder sharing a single email address registered with Lloydshare, it will be necessary for all the plan-holders to collaborate with the request to change the email address.   All plan-holders need to sign the letter asking for the email address to be changed, and also, they all need to provide certified copy ID and proof of address, as a security measure.

The exception to this is in cases of relationship breakdown, when a single party sharing a joint email address may approach us asking to have a different email address for themselves from now on.   Reasons for email address change requests should always be provided.

Lloydshare offers a Beneficiary facility. How does that work?

Many nominated beneficiaries wrongly assume that our product is a type of life assurance that guarantees an automatic pay-out on the death of the Plan-holder/s. However, as our clients will understand from their certificate, the Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plan [formally termed the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity] is a loyalty repayment product linked to Vacation Ownership at one of our Partner Resorts. The Plan is designed to run alongside a continuous active membership for the entire duration of the Lloydshare Plan.

Our plan-holders are able to nominate beneficiaries who can, in the event of the death of all plan-holders, register with us to take over the plan.   Nominated beneficiaries must be living individuals : Trusts or estates cannot be treated as nominated beneficiaries as they are not able in any active sense to take over the loyalty plan.

Acceptance of Lloydshare’s Terms & Conditions is required; it is essential to understand the obligations that fall on you if you enter into a beneficiary contract with Lloydshare. In the event you apply to activate a beneficiary status, full details will be supplied.

What if a Plan-holder dies, and there is a surviving joint Plan-holder?

In the event of the death of a joint Plan-holder, all rights pass to the surviving Plan-holder. A surviving Plan-holder may opt to change the nominated beneficiary at any time during the lifetime of the Plan. A beneficiary cannot activate beneficiary rights to a Lloydshare Plan while any Plan-holders are still alive. When the death certificate is received by Lloydshare, we issue a confirmatory email and leaflet explaining how the change impacts the Lloydshare Plan. A surviving Plan-Holder may need to register a new email address to communicate with us.

I want to update some details, and my certificate suggests I should mail you – can’t I do that by email?

For your convenience, Lloydshare now accepts all update reports by email, with the sole exception of changes to email address.   Email change requests need to be mailed in, with certified copies of ID and proof of address.  This security measure is for your protection.  

What if I want to upgrade my existing resort contract?

Your Lloydshare Certificate relates to the original membership specified on the Certificate, and to no other membership. If you are planning to upgrade that membership, you should get in touch with us to see how your Lloydshare Certificate might be affected. If Lloydshare is supporting the upgrade, there may be an additional premium payable, and upgrades can only be supported within 90 days of their start date. In short, if you are upgrading, talk to Lloydshare as soon as possible!


Can beneficiaries be changed?

Certainly! Please contact our Customer Services Team for details. Joint Plan-holders must both give consent to any changes and may change the beneficiaries as often as they wish during the Plan’s lifetime.

What if joint Plan-holders split up?

It is essential to let us know of relevant changes that affect your lifestyle or status – please see your certificate for complete information as the Plan is not transferable. We have informative leaflets that can be sent to you covering how things may be affected as regards your Lloydshare Plan. For example, one of the common issues is needing to change registered means of contact, which many couples share. After a break-up, it’s often necessary for individuals to have their own email address registered with Lloydshare, as previously an email address was being shared.  This is covered by a security process for your protection. Once a split has been reported, we deal with the separated Plan-holders individually and do not treat either individual as representing the other from that point.

If I have breached the Terms & Conditions in some minor way, can I get an early indication on whether I will get my pay-out?

No claim is considered prior to the maturity date, and each claim is considered on its individual merits. Lloydshare does not give any undertakings on pay-out prior to the maturity date. Equally, any suggestion that a pay-out has been forfeited would naturally discourage a client from maintaining their outstanding membership in good standing. For this reason, it is Lloydshare policy to defer discussion of individual claims until they are registered after maturity. We remind our clients of the need to be familiar with the Terms & Conditions printed on the reverse of their Plan Certificates. We feel these are clear, brief, and simple to understand. They can be read through in around ten minutes!

Is there publicity when I get my pay-out?

Lloydshare does not share your pay-out details with any party unless required to do so for legal reasons or in cases where clients have indicated they are happy to share information in the form of reviews/testimonials.


What if I lose my Certificate and need a replacement?

The reason Lloydshare requires you to retain the original Certificate securely is that the information relevant to your plan is printed on the reverse. Not all Certificates have the same Terms & Conditions, and we honor the ones on your individual personalized Certificate. If you lose it, we can, of course, issue a new Certificate after due security, but the version may be different at that stage, and you would need to accept the new version as binding from that time. There is an administrative fee of $199 USD.

How do I know my updates have been acknowledged at Lloydshare?

The process is simple. You email us from your registered email address, and we provide an acknowledgment reply to that email, certifying that your reported update has been noted on file. Nothing further is necessary, although you may wish to retain that acknowledgment email for your own records. Our Customer Service Team cannot accept verbal reports over the phone; the update must come in writing via your registered email address, [unless you are reporting a change of email address, which needs to be done via mail as a security measure]. You should always expect to receive an acknowledgment, within 5 working days, to any update email sent to our Customer Services Team from your registered email address. If your reported change has not been acknowledged within 5 working days, please contact us by telephone, or via the contact form on the final tab of this website. Replacement certificates are not issued when you report changes, as it is the Terms & Conditions shown on your original certificate that apply to your Plan, and these are subject only to formal changes reported by Lloydshare to your registered email address.

In what sense is the Lloydshare pay-out ‘guaranteed’?

The Lloydshare guarantee is that the amount payable following a successful claim on maturity will not change, it is a set amount and not subject to market fluctuations. Lloydshare guarantees to pay every eligible claim*. Claimants are not eligible for pay-out if the requirements have been demonstrably breached. Lloydshare does not guarantee to pay ALL claims. We guarantee to pay claims where no demonstrable breaches have been identified by Lloydshare.

My Vacation Ownership terminates well before my Lloydshare Plan matures. Why must I wait so long for my pay-out?

This is an unusual situation, and not in truth a ‘frequently asked question’.  It arises among premium paying clients who opted for paying a cheaper premium in relation to the duration of their Club Membership than one which was an exact match.  Such an option is not always available, or supported, but can be of particular relevance if clients seek our approval to upgrading their club membership.  Very often the initial trial period, around ten years, leads to a longer membership because Vacation Ownership is so great!

If the linked Club Membership is not upgraded, or extended, and terminates instead on the originally set date, and this is in advance of the maturity of the Lloydshare product, there is no facility to make an early claim.  The cheaper premium required that claimants wait a longer period before claiming.  The Terms & Conditions listed on the reverse of the certificate should still be adhered to, where applicable, until the maturity date.

Claims are not evaluated until after the maturity date, so if there is a period of years between the end of the Club Membership and the maturity date of the Lloydshare product, we would recommend that clients should safely retain documents that may be needed at the claim stage, such as receipts for maintenance payments and a copy of the original club membership paperwork.

What if my resort ceases to function?

In uncertain financial times, some clients are concerned for implications in this situation, and any query should begin with a check of the Terms & Conditons listed on the reverse of your Certificate.

Where the question is not answered clearly in that text, it means that you should get in touch with us as soon as you hear that your resort is likely to be closing down.   In these difficult circumstances, a resort may be particularly dependent on continuing client loyalty and there are a few issues to be considered by Lloydshare before we can determine an appropriate way forward for our clients.

  • Is the closure temporary or permanent?
  • Will the business arrange alternative facilities for its members at another location?
  • Has the resort offered any type of settlement on your outstanding membership term, or made any offer in which continued membership of some type was available to you?
  • Is the business being bought out, along with its membership, and will it simply re-open under another name with your membership intact?

Lloydshare supports, where possible and appropriate, any actions that effectively keep a linked membership going, but it is important for affected clients to inform us promptly of these sorts of problems, particularly before coming to any settlement with the host resort.

I noticed my Certificate back mentions ‘legal proceedings’. What exactly does ‘legal proceedings’ mean?

The definition of legal proceedings can vary according to country, [and will often vary according to the type of on-line search/search engine used].  Anything involving possible attendance at court, and giving rise to a court reference number, would certainly be included. However, to answer directly, the definition of material legal proceedings used by Lloydshare is as follows:

Legal Proceeding means any action, suit, litigation, arbitration, proceeding [including any civil, criminal, administrative, investigative or appellate proceeding], hearing, inquiry, audit, examination or investigation commenced, brought, conducted or heard by or before, or otherwise involving, any court or other Governmental Body or any arbitrator or arbitration panel.

*Terms & Conditions apply