Introducing Lloydshare

About Lloydshare

Lloydshare is a Panamanian company that works in partnership with selected Vacation Ownership resorts predominantly in Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and South-East Asia offering an exclusive and unique Loyalty Repayment product to Vacation Ownership members. Lloydshare Limited Inc. is an international member of ARDA [American Resort Development Association], a member of Amdetur  [Association of Mexican Tourism Developers] and sponsors the convention held in Mexico every year. Lloydshare is also a regular contributor to the ACLUVAQ [Asociación de Clubes Vacacionales de Quintana Roo] forum.

Lloydshare received the Best Strategic Partnership Award at the Las Vegas GNEX Conference in February 2022.  Lloydshare Consulting also provides expert and individually tailored guidance to many resort managers.

How Lloydshare’s Loyalty Repayment Plan Benefits Vacation Ownership [Timeshare] Resorts

Exclusive and high-quality Vacation Clubs are amongst the world’s most popular holiday choices and can prove to be fabulous value. However, they are inherently a long-term investment, often representing a significant commitment.

No matter how luxurious the facilities, many resorts find that individuals lose their enthusiasm as years pass, the members age and their personal circumstances change. There is a business need to retain members that return reliably each year, paying the maintenance fees that continue to fund growth and investment, as well as supporting the local economy and levels of employment. By offering a product that encourages and rewards members for maintaining their Vacation Ownership, each Lloydshare sale has a direct benefit for host resorts.

How Lloydshare Benefits Vacation Ownership [Timeshare] Members

The Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plan complements the decision each Vacation Owner has taken to invest in securing those much-needed vacations each year. It provides a direct inducement to get the most out of the investment year after year. Specifically, it provides the opportunity to claim back. *

The Lloydshare Business Plan

The Lloydshare team originally came together representing over 50 years of experience within the Vacation Ownership industry. This provided direct insight into one of the industry’s greatest challenges – customer retention. Industry records confirm that a high proportion of members do not keep up their memberships for the full term. Not all loyalty products are guaranteed to succeed that there are many reasons why individuals, and families, will not stay on board.

No plan will succeed in persuading every member to stay on board throughout their membership term. However, Lloydshare has calculated that will do so with a Lloydshare Plan, and the regular liaison of Vacation Ownership members with Lloydshare Customer Services is proving us right! To date, Lloydshare has never failed to honor an eligible customer claim.

While margins are tight, the Lloydshare approach succeeds because it is streamlined and efficient. The benefit we provide to resorts means that Lloydshare does not need a sales team to market our product. Some resort sales teams marketing their own Vacation Ownership now provide our product as a cost free add-on because it enhances the value of their own sale, making it more appealing to new customers.

Lloydshare’s long experience and unique position within the industry have been recognized consistently. We are regular attendees and contributors at Industry Forums offering comment and insights on developing trends.  It is this potential to help steer the industry, and our appreciation of best industry practice, which has enabled the continuing growth of Lloydshare’s consultancy work.

Lloydshare Customer Service

As Lloydshare operates within narrow profit margins, our expert, dedicated team is not focused on sales. Except in the case of upgrades, we do not accept direct sales. All our products are linked to vacation products marketed by third parties. Registered clients seeking to engage with Lloydshare should always do so via our Customer Services and not the Resort Customer Services.

With our plan there are minor obligations placed on our clients that assist with streamlining and the smooth running of our administration. It is imperative to protect the success of the company which guarantees our ability to pay out on every valid claim. While margins are tight, we nonetheless remain committed to providing our clients with top quality customer service in keeping with the highest industry standards.

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